I want to be doing something most others are not doing. I want to push my camera and lens to their extremes. However, my most common objective is to find the shot other photographers aren't taking. If the crowd stops here, I'm usually the one that goes down the way a little further. Sometimes this means carrying a heavier load over longer, perhaps more challenges distances and terrains, but that's all part of the adventure for me. It's not always about the photography, it's about where the photography takes you.

I'm an outdoors kind of guy. When I first picked up an SLR camera I had no idea what I was doing.  At the time I was hiking frequently and thought that if I brought my mom's camera with me on hiking trips that I would be able to take amazing pictures.  Not true at all.  In fact, I really stunk at taking pictures and realized very quickly I needed to spend some serious time learning. I worked on my skills for many years and improved my understanding of the camera and the art gradually working into being a better photographer. Now rather than the adventure calling for a photographer , the photography and the adventure work together to take me outdoors to make great pictures.  

I always like to say that sometimes we have to simply put the camera down and enjoy what it is that's all around us.  Recently REI has led an interesting campaign "#optoutside". They suggested that we put down the interest of buying their products and just simply get outside. The camera and my interest in the art of photography call me away to enjoy the outdoors, clean air, time with family and friends. I love #optoutside.

I love to share knowledge. perhaps the egomaniac in the I don't know but I really love to learn something well enough to be able to share and show others.  There is a great feeling from being able to tear something down and put it back together and then talk through that with other interested parties.  Photography is all offered me this opportunity as an instructor through the creative photo Academy.  8 years ago I started teaching workshops on star trails photography and it's been such a hit we've added additional workshops and schedules to our annual calendar which is incredibly exciting.  I thrive on the excitement that I see in my students on these trips.  There is nothing better than coming back after having had the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people and share with them my knowledge of the topic of photography for which I have become a professional.  As a result so many folks have been able to produce incredible images under my direction and that is very fulfilling for me.  Sharing and educating others has resulted in a number of strong relationships with other like-minded people in my community and from the other side of the world as a result of the amazing connections that have been made through this experience so far.