The next workshop is March 2-3, 2017 in Joshua Tree, CA. We have a how-to class scheduled for February 23 7-9pm and a post processing class scheduled for March 16, 7-9pm at Paul's Photo.

All of my workshops and instruction is perfomed out of the Creative Photo Academy hosted by Paul's Photo in Torrance CA. You can read more about the educators out of the CPA here and browse the site for adventures, workshops, and Nighthawk and City Lights shoots. 

Creative Photo Academy 8th annual  Star Trails workshop in Joshua Tree, CA March 2-3rd

I tried shooting with my mom's Chinon SLR when I was in my teens and twenties during hiking trips 20+ years ago. My results sucked. I took a black and white photography course in High School and I sucked then too. It wasn't until I returned home to CA in 2005 (I lived in NYC for 6 years) that I started taking basic, then intermediate, then advanced courses at Paul's Photo. In 2008 I become one of the first adventure workshop instructors under Mark Comon and the Creative Photo Academy with the now annual Joshua Tree Star Trails trip going 8 years strong.